How to Cancel SR22 Filing Without Being Penalized

How to Cancel SR22 Filing Without Being Penalized

If you find yourself filing for SR22 insurance, it’s likely that one of your biggest goals is to get rid of it. SR22 insurance can seem complicated, and you need to keep many rules and variables in mind. One of the most important details is if you end your SR22 insurance early or improperly, you might lose your license and have to start your probation period over again. If you need to change or end your policy, we provide a brief guide for how to cancel SR22 filing without being penalized.

What is SR22 Insurance?

The best thing you can do when you get an SR22 requirement is to learn exactly what that means and what you have to do. Though it’s referenced as insurance, the SR22 actually refers to a certificate that attaches to your regular auto insurance policy. It’s typically required after multiple or serious driving violations such as a DUI, driving without insurance, or multiple wrecks or traffic tickets. It works as a way to verify that you meet your state’s insurance requirements. This means it’s vital to keep up with your SR22 requirements throughout your probation period.

Consequences of Canceling Early

The SR22 provides proof that you are keeping up with your state-mandated insurance requirements, so cancelling early or getting caught without it can cause a major problem. If you fail to meet your SR22 requirements, your insurance provider must notify the state. In many states, this will result in license suspension. You will also likely have to start your probation period over again, which means you’ll have to meet your SR22 requirements for even longer.

Switching Insurance Companies

There are only a couple of reasons why you would remove or cancel your SR22 insurance, and one of them is if you change policies. If you move states, or just want different auto insurance, you need to know how to cancel SR22 filing without being penalized. You never want your SR22 insurance to lapse, so if you change to a new insurance provider, make sure your new policy is in place before you cancel the old one. Managing insurance companies and policies can be confusing, but the trick is to find insurance companies that offer SR22 insurance with a policy and rate that works for you.

End of Required Period

The other time you would cancel your SR22 filing is once you complete your probation period. Before you change your policy, you should contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm that you no longer require a SR22. After that, inform your insurance provider that you no longer need the SR22 on your policy, and they will cancel your filing.