How Long Will a DUI Stay on Your Record?

How Long Will a DUI Stay on Your Record?

The short answer is that a DUI in California stays on your driving record for 10 years, and on your criminal record for life. A DUI can influence several records, but you can take steps to modify some of them. Here’s everything you need to know about how long a DUI stays on your record.

Getting a DUI off Your Driving Record

A DUI conviction in California stays on your driving record for ten years with the DMV. This information is available to law enforcement officers as well as the DMV. The DMV uses it to make decisions concerning your driver’s license, like if you are eligible for a suspended license reinstatement. The bad news is that a DUI cannot be expunged from your driving record. The good news is that this record is not visible to potential employers, and is not included in a background check. Usually, DUI charges are treated as misdemeanors, not criminal offenses.

DUI “Points” on Your Driver’s License

To track risky behavior, the state of California uses a “point” system. All drivers start with 0 points, but earn points for committing certain offenses, like speeding, driving under the influence, or causing an accident. Points are detrimental in two ways. First, they impact your insurance costs. More points mean more money spent on vehicle insurance. Second, points can result in the loss of your license. If you accrue any of the following, your license will be suspended:

  • Four or more points in two years
  • Six or more points in three years
  • Eight or more points in four years

Previous DUI’s and New DUI Charges

Each subsequent charge is more severe than the previous one. Any DUI charge within a 10-year window counts as a previous charge. If your last DUI conviction was eight years ago, the current charge is considered a “second” offense. However, it does not count, if the previous conviction was more than 11 years ago. Your new DUI is regarded as if it were your first.

Now that you know how long a DUI will stay on your record, we hope you’ll be safe on the roads. If you want to purchase cheap SR22 insurance in California, reach out to Serenity Group today for great rates and fantastic customer service!