Traffic violations come in many different varieties. The specific circumstances surrounding your case significantly influence the consequences you’ll face. That’s why you should know the details about different moving violations—especially if you’re facing a conviction for a mistake behind the wheel. When it comes to reckless and negligent driving, the circumstances of the offense might look similar, but your intent makes all the difference. Learn more about the difference between reckless and negligent driving with this overview of each violation.


For some people, the holidays aren’t the most wonderful time of year. Even if you’re excited to join in on the holiday cheer, festive gatherings can become difficult for anyone trying to stay sober. Alcohol is a popular part of the season. Even the most innocent gatherings can take a stressful turn for recovering alcoholics. Know that you’re not alone. The effort to stay sober is a common one, even during a season of warmth and happiness. With a good support system, healthy boundaries, and a reliable list of alternatives to drinking, you can still enjoy your favorite holiday traditions with your loved ones. Check out our best tips and advice for how to avoid drinking during the holidays below. (more…)

In most states, a DUI is a misdemeanor offense, especially if It’s your first offense. However, there are ways for that DUI to become more serious, resulting in an aggravated DUI, which usually counts as a felony. Every state handles its drunk driving laws differently, but many of the rules surrounding DUIs are similar. If you face a charge for drinking and driving, you should know how serious your case is. Find out more with our guide to understanding what an aggravated DUI is and what it entails. (more…)

A huge part of staying safe behind the wheel is staying in control of your emotions. A lot can happen on the road. Hectic traffic and irresponsible drivers can fill your route with excess stress and headaches. However, the worst thing you can do is to let that stress get to you. Whether you tense up due to anxiety or aggravation, losing your cool while driving is a dangerous mistake. To take care of yourself and your passengers, you have to learn how to stay patient and confident regardless of the circumstances you come across. Make every trip a little easier with these ways to stay calm out on the road.


Everyone wants to stay safe on the road. When you first get your license as a young adult, you pledge to be smart and responsible behind the wheel. Unfortunately, bad habits are easy to learn and hard to break. As you get more experienced and more comfortable behind the wheel, you might start cutting corners on a few key driving skills. You must stay vigilant with your driving habits throughout your adult life. It only takes one small mistake to create major consequences. Bad driving habits can land you in a lot of legal and financial trouble. Not only will you face tickets, poor driving records, and fines, but bad driving can also take a toll on your vehicle. Keep yourself, your finances, and your car in good shape by brushing up on your skills behind the wheel. Here are six ways to improve your driving habits, no matter how long you’ve been behind the wheel. (more…)

There is no excuse for drinking and driving. If you find yourself with a DUI charge, the best course of action is to face the consequences of your choices. The sooner you work to meet your requirements—such as taking alcohol education courses, paying fines, and shopping online for SR22 insurance—the sooner you can reinstate your license and get back to your life. That said, some excuses are worse than others. If an officer pulls you over, you should think carefully before you say something that will make the situation worse. No matter what, avoid these three excuses that won’t get you out of a DUI.


If you face a charge for drinking and driving, you will likely face a lot of stress and confusion. The details of a DUI charge can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. However, that does not mean your situation is hopeless. Depending on the circumstances around your arrest, you might be able to completely dismiss the charges against you. There are a few ways attorneys can attempt to avoid a guilty charge in a DUI case. While this guide is not intended to provide legal advice, you can learn more by checking out these tips for how to contest a DUI charge. (more…)

The holiday season brings a lot of travel. Some families take advantage of the time off from school and work to take a memorable trip across the country. Others cross long distances to make it home in time for the family gathering. No matter the reason, there are certain holidays that bring extra traffic—and extra danger—to the road. Wintry conditions, impatient travelers, and drunk drivers create additional hazards on the journey. Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid traveling during the holidays. If your plans include a long drive, make sure to anticipate heavy traffic and more aggressive drivers. Stay aware and stay safe whenever you travel during these worst holidays to be out on the road. (more…)

Reckless driving is no joke. If you receive a conviction for a DUI or other major traffic violation, the consequences can affect all aspects of your life. You’re not the only one who will have to deal with your actions, either. In many states, a reckless driving charge leads to an SR22 requirement, which changes insurance rates for both you and your spouse. It’s important to learn how SR22 insurance works so that you and your spouse can find the right policy and work through your requirements. Take care of your family with this guide to understanding how SR22 affects your spouse.

Finding an SR22 Provider

When you receive an SR22 requirement, the first thing to do is find an insurance provider that can help you meet these requirements. Although your spouse doesn’t need the SR22, you’ll still need it on your shared policy. Keep in mind that not all auto insurance companies offer to file the SR22 for you. Speak to your current provider to learn more about their filing fee and how an SR22 will affect your insurance rates. Even if your current insurance company offers SR22 insurance, it might not be the most affordable option.

Increased Insurance Rates

Even if your spouse has a clean driving record, your traffic violation labels you as a high-risk driver. Most insurance companies view married couples as joint owners, which means they’ll assume both of you are driving your vehicle. As a result, both you and your spouse will have to pay the higher insurance rates you receive after filing an SR22. Some states will allow your spouse to exclude you from their policy, but this can be tricky. The SR22 still requires you to hold auto insurance. As we mentioned, most insurance providers will view you and your spouse as joint owners of your vehicle. Sharing an auto policy is the simplest and easiest option for you and your spouse.

Find the Right Policy for Both of You

The SR22 will raise your premium, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. The key to understanding how SR22 affects your spouse is to do your research. Take the time with your spouse to shop around and look at your available options. Serenity Group can help you learn more and compare quotes for the SR22 online. With the right resources on your side, you can stay diligent, meet your requirements, and return to a normal life for you and your spouse.

Every DUI charge is serious. Driving under the influence can lead to expensive fees, severe legal consequences, and dangerous circumstances that risk the lives of yourself and others. You shouldn’t take any DUI lightly, but a second charge is often more serious than the first. If you have a prior conviction on your driving record, courts will see you as a repeat offender and order stricter consequences for the DUI. As such, a second DUI charge can result in higher expenses and longer jail time or probation periods.