SR22 Insurance in Pasadena

For those who recently had their driver’s licenses suspended or revoked and are in need of SR22 insurance in Pasadena, Serenity Insurance is here to offer all of the assistance they can to make your insurance as affordable as possible. If the State of California needs to reinstate your driver’s license, you will need to file an SR22 policy with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). All of us at Serenity Insurance are focused on delivering the most convenient and affordable SR22 insurance policies to get your license reinstated as soon as possible. No matter how your license has been revoked, Serenity Insurance offers multiple types of SR22 insurance policies that will give you the most cost-effective coverage that you need. 

SR22 auto insurance is the most common form of an SR22 policy. It is a standard Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) that proves that an operator’s vehicle is covered. When you’ve lost your license, the correct certificate of insurance will be needed to confirm that California’s minimum auto insurance liability requirements are met. No matter the reason for the revocation of your license, you’ll most likely need an SR22 insurance policy. 

Non-owner SR22 insurance is for those who don’t have any registered cars. This type of insurance normally has much lower expenses and payments; in addition, it still covers all of California’s mandated liability requirements for those who are required to have it.  

SR22 motorcycle insurance offers the same coverage as the ordinary auto insurance SR22, but it is made for motorcycle riders. SR22 motorcycle insurance is also cheaper than auto insurance SR22s while still meeting the liability coverage required by the State of California. 

If you have any questions regarding SR22 insurance in Pasadena, we ask you to contact our team . We are here to help.