SR22 Insurance in Long Beach


The waterfront of Long Beach, California, has many famous attractions, including the permanently docked Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The city boasts a convention center and a major shipping port, which is one of the busiest container ports in the United States.
Long Beach has a public transportation system that includes buses, light rail, and even the Aqualink catamaran service from the Long Beach waterfront near the Aquarium to the Alamitos Bay landing during summer weekends.
Riding public transportation can be fun and less stressful than driving, but it won’t get you everywhere you want to go. If you must rely on public transportation due to a suspended or revoked driver’s license, you’ll need SR22 insurance in Long Beach to get your license back and get back on the road. Serenity Insurance can help by offering affordable auto insurance that meets California’s minimum financial responsibility requirements.

Fresno Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI or had your license suspended or revoked for any other reasons, like being at fault in an accident while not carrying insurance, you’ll need to provide an SR22 certificate to show you will be financially responsible if you’re involved in another accident. “SR” stands for “safety responsibility.” Some states call it “CFR,” or “certificate of financial responsibility, and Florida and Virginia call it “FR44.” It’s not insurance itselfit’s a certificate proving you have insurance, and your insurance company files it for you with the Secretary of State’s office. We know the process and help our customers recover from the loss of their driver’s license by providing auto insurance at an affordable price to back up their SR22 certificate.

Fresno SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

We also provide insurance that covers non-owners who drive someone else’s vehicle and motorcycle SR22 insurance. We’ll discuss the appropriate options with you and provide you with a few quotes for the cost of a policy that will meet state requirements. If you need SR22 insurance in Long Beach, contact us today to start the process of meeting requirements to get your license back.

The above information is intended as informational and does not constitute legal or insurance advice. Insurance requirements in California are subject to change.