FR44 Insurance in Jacksonville


If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident or other incident that resulted in the loss or suspension of your license, Serenity Group is here to help get you back on track with FR44 insurance in Jacksonville. We understand just how involved the process can be, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way. Often, a DUI, DWI, reckless driving charge, or another similar infraction can result in a suspended or revoked license. If this relates to you, get in touch with Serenity Group today.

Jacksonville FR44 Auto Insurance      

The most popular form of insurance for people who have had their license suspended or revoked is FR44 auto insurance in Jacksonville, FL. As there are many people driving on the roads, whether for work, travel, or any other reason, a license is essential to many people’s daily lives. With our assistance, we can do all the heavy lifting. We’ll find you quality FR44 insurance in Jacksonville, as well as submit it with the state of Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles, ensuring everything meets the state’s minimum liability requirements. Our cheap auto insurance can help fast track your journey to having your license reinstated and getting you back on the road! 

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Jacksonville Non-Owner FR44 Insurance     

For those who do not own their own vehicle but typically drive a friend or family member’s or have a vehicle they operate for work, we can help you find non-owner FR44 insurance in Jacksonville. This option effectively insures you as an individual, rather than insuring any particular vehicle. This means that no matter the car you’re driving, you’ll be covered.

To learn more about the FR44 insurance in Jacksonville that Serenity Group can help you get connected with, get in touch with us today and start your journey to getting back on the road!