Cheap Car Insurance in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA, is not only beautiful, but it’s less expensive to live in than Seattle and many other West Coast cities. In fact, savvy Vancouver residents save money by shopping in nearby sales tax–free Portland, Oregon, and returning home to income tax–free Washington to double-up on tax savings.

Value-conscious residents who need cheap car insurance in Vancouver, WA, can find it with Serenity Group. Serenity provides what is known as SR22 insurance to drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked and are required to demonstrate “safety responsibility” (also known as financial responsibility) backed by insurance that meets their state’s minimum requirements.


Vancouver SR22 Auto Insurance

The SR22 is actually a certificate your insurance company files with the state, attesting to the fact that you do carry auto insurance that meets state requirements. Serenity does that for you when you purchase the underlying insurance from us. We’re familiar with many state’s requirements, and we can help you with cheap car insurance in Vancouver, WA, and throughout Washington state.

Vancouver is surrounded by so much beauty that being able to drive enhances the quality of life. Ski areas and beaches are close enough to enjoy but far away enough to make driving a necessity. If you’re working your way back from a DUI with a suspended or revoked license, you need to show the state of Washington that you can drive responsibly. One way to do that is with SR22 insurance. When other insurance is too expensive because of your driving record, Serenity may be able to help.

Vancouver Nonowner SR22 Insurance

Serenity offers other kinds of insurance to cover drivers who don’t own the car they regularly drive. So, if you fall into that group, learn about our non-owner insurance.  

Vancouver SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

If a motorcycle is your preferred mode of travel, you’ll find that Serenity offers motorcycle insurance as well.

The above information is intended as informational and does not constitute legal or insurance advice. Insurance requirements in Washington are subject to change.