Cheap Car Insurance in Tacoma, WA

Famed glass artist Dale Chihuly was born in Tacoma, and the city is home to the Museum of Glass that displays many of his works. More can be found on the 500-foot long “Bridge of Glass” that connects the museum district to the Thea Foss Waterway.

Chihuly’s works are reminders that life can be both colorful and fragile. Like an errant elbow can knock a vase off a table, a bad mistake can knock your life off track. Being convicted of a DUI, being involved in multiple car accidents, or having a hand in other severe traffic violations (like reckless driving) could very well result in you losing your driver’s license. Regaining driving privileges under those circumstances can be both difficult and expensive.


Tacoma SR22 Auto Insurance

Besides the potential of stiff fines, legal fees, and jail time, individuals convicted of DUIs face sharply increased insurance costs if and when they can drive again. Serenity provides cheap car insurance in Tacoma, WA, for categorically high-risk drivers.

Most states define what a driver with a suspended or revoked license must do to earn that license back. The majority of them require these drivers to obtain a special kind of insurance that is coupled with what’s called an SR22—or, in Florida and Virginia, an FR44—certificate. The letters stand for “safety responsibility” and “financial responsibility” respectively. Insurance companies that offer this kind of insurance file a certificate with the state attesting that the insured is financially responsible in the event of another incident.

Tacoma Nonowner SR22 Insurance

Serenity is experienced with this process, and our cheap car insurance in Tacoma, WA, can get repentant Tacoma drivers back on track with coverage that meets the state’s minimum requirements. 
Drivers who don’t own their own cars but drive a vehicle that someone else owns also need specialized insurance. Serenity offers this kind of non-owner insurance as well as insurance for motorcyclists. 


Tacoma SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a DUI or had your license suspended or revoked for other reasons, and you’ve been required to prove that you meet Washington’s minimum requirements for car insurance, contact Serenity. We can file the right SR22 certificate for you and provide the car insurance that supports it.

The above information is intended as informational and does not constitute legal or insurance advice. Insurance requirements in Washington are subject to change.