Cheap Car Insurance in Seattle

From logging to shipbuilding to aviation to technology, Seattle has a history of innovation and steady economic growth. Seattle also has a prominent place in the history of jazz and rock’n’roll: Quincy Jones and Ray Charles played in Seattle jazz clubs, Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, and Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl created a new form of rock that came to be known as “grunge.” As a result, plaid flannel shirts became synonymous with Seattle for a time.


Seattle SR22 Auto Insurance

The “grunge” lifestyle was characterized by a rejection of and cynicism about commercialization in music and in style. Grunge style opted for thrift store fashions and freeform hair. While the “grunge” style faded after Kurt Cobain’s tragic passing, thrift is still a principle and a necessity for many Seattleites. Serenity is there to provide cheap car insurance in Seattle for cost-conscious drivers. We specialize in helping drivers who are deemed “high risk,” including those who have a DUI or multiple accidents on their record, get the auto insurance they need. That way, they can restore their license and drive legally once again through our SR22 car insurance in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Nonowner SR22 Insurance

While Seattle has been supportive of expanded public transportation, and bus, light rail, trolley, and ferry services are available within and across the city, you still need a car to access most of the recreational activities of the stunning Cascade mountains and beyond. If you’ve got a car but have a history of alcohol-related instances, you’ll need SR22 car insurance in Seattle, WA.

Seattle SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

Serenity offers cheap car insurance in Seattle, focusing on high-risk drivers who need what is called “SR22” insurance. SR22 isn’t insurance itself. Rather, it’s a kind of certificate provided by an insurance company confirming that the insured driver will be financially responsible in the event of an accident. Serenity provides that type of certificate and the insurance that backs it up to help drivers comply with state insurance requirements for regaining their driver’s licenses.


If you regularly drive a car you don’t own, you may need non-owner insurance. Serenity provides that, too. We also insure motorcyclists.

The above information is intended as informational and does not constitute legal or insurance advice. Insurance requirements in Washington are subject to change.