SR22 Insurance in Waco, Texas


If you’ve recently been convicted of a DUI, DWI, reckless driving charge, or any similar infraction that resulted in the loss or suspension of your license, you may need SR22 insurance in Waco, Texas. Serenity Insurance is here to assist you with getting back on the road. To get your license reinstated, you first need to prove to the state of Texas that you’re responsible enough to handle your finances and properly maintain all legal aspects of driving and owning a vehicle. By submitting an SR22 to the state’s DMV, you begin the process of reinstating your license and proving your responsibility while also meeting the state’s minimum liability requirements for cheap auto insurance coverage.

Waco SR22 Auto Insurance

SR22 auto insurance is the most common form of an SR22 policy. This determines your financial responsibility and helps to prove that the vehicle you are driving is completely covered by insurance. No matter the reason for the revocation of your license, you’ll most likely need SR22 insurance in Waco, Texas—this is where Serenity Insurance can help. Our cheap SR22 insurance is easy to apply for and will help you get your life back on track. 

Waco Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

If you ever find yourself behind the wheel of a friend or family member’s vehicle and happen to be stopped in a normal traffic stop, or if you’re involved in an at-fault car accident, you may need SR22 non-owner insurance to prove you’re financially responsible for yourself and are able to drive. This option essentially covers you as an individual rather than covering a vehicle.

Waco SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

Serenity Insurance also provides SR22 motorcycle insurance in Waco, Texas, for those who might enjoy motorcycling or use this as their main mode of transportation. This option is typically cheaper than auto insurance while still providing you with coverage that meets the state’s minimum liability requirements.

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