SR22 Insurance in San Mateo

When you’re convicted of driving under the influence or another serious violation, the state of California will likely require you to obtain SR22. Serenity Insurance makes it convenient for you to obtain SR22 insurance in San Mateo by utilizing a real-time rate comparison tool that puts policies from the top providers in the country side-by-side. This process gives you the insight you need to get the right SR22 policy for your situation. Our team has a deep level of expertise in helping clients discover the most cost-effective SR22s possible.

San Mateo SR22 Auto Insurance

Your insurance provider must send an SR22 directly to the California DMV. This gives the state proof that your insurance covers the minimum liability requirements. To reinstate your driving privileges—or, occasionally, to obtain a restricted license—you’ll need to buy SR22 insurance and pay any of the fines associated with your conviction. Once the DMV has received your SR22, you’ll get confirmation as well as a copy of the certificate. The amount of time you’ll need to maintain the SR22 depends on your situation—most violations require you to have the form on file for three years, but for more serious infractions, it could be up to 10 years.

San Mateo Nonowner SR22 Insurance

If you’re convicted of a DUI or other serious violation, you’ll likely need to obtain an SR22—even if you don’t own a vehicle. Nonowner SR22 insurance, or operator-only insurance, is for drivers who don’t own any vehicles. It works similarly to an auto SR22, but instead of covering any specific vehicle, it’s only tied to the individual.

San Mateo SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle SR22s are essentially the same as auto SR22s. The only difference is the type of vehicle being covered.

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