Cheap Car Insurance in Oakland

Many residents of Oakland, California, work for Bay Area Rapid Transit or Southwest Airlines—or in cargo transport related to the busy port of Oakland. All of them have to get to work somehow, and where public transportation doesn’t go, their options fall to walking, cycling, or driving. 

California, like most states, requires drivers to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance. Drivers considered high risk, including those who have been convicted of DUI or who have had their licenses suspended or revoked for other reasons, face a steep climb to regain their driving privileges.
One of the first requirements is to file what’s called an SR22: this is a certificate provided by an insurance company that attests to the driver’s “safety responsibility,” meaning the driver has met the minimum requirements for auto insurance and will be financially responsible if another incident occurs. Unsurprisingly, insurance for high-risk drivers can be expensive. 
Serenity can help. We offer cheap car insurance in Oakland that meets the state’s requirements. We have many years’ experience with the SR22 process, and we help our customers comply with state requirements to get their licenses back. Of course, the drivers have responsibilities too—to meet all court-imposed sanctions, which may include education, fines, or even jail time.  
Sometimes, a driver involved in an accident doesn’t own the vehicle they are driving. In cases where drivers meet the criteria, Serenity can supply non-owner insurance to cover the driver. Those who own and travel on a motorcycle also need insurance, and Serenity offers SR22 insurance to motorcyclists who need it as well.

If you need cheap car insurance in Oakland that supports an SR22, contact Serenity. We can help you get through the insurance side of regaining your license. Contact us to get a free quote, to discuss non-owner or motorcycle insurance, and for help with the SR22 process.

The above information is intended as informational and does not constitute legal or insurance advice. Insurance requirements in California are subject to change.