According to the State of Colorado, an SR22 is a rider to an insurance policy. The Colorado State Department of Revenue states that in order to get your license back after having certain suspensions or revocations, or to keep from getting your license suspended you may have to file the SR22 form. They go on to declare that the way you “file” a form SR22 in Colorado, as well as in many other states, is by going to an insurance agent and buying liability insurance and asking the agent to include the SR22 form. Once the liability insurance and the SR22 have been bought, the form gets filed with the Colorado Motor Vehicle Division. You can bring it down yourself. Not all insurance companies have this form. The Colorado SR22 site states that the form itself is not an insurance policy but a guarantee by the insurance company that you will keep insurance in effect for a certain period. If you don’t keep the Colorado SR22 current, the insurance company will notify the Motor Vehicle Division in Colorado. Once the Colorado Motor Vehicle Division has been notified that the Colorado SR22 is no longer in effect, but is still required, Motor Vehicle will suspend your license for that reason alone. If you decide to change insurance companies, you need to get a new Colorado SR22 filed before the old one goes out of effect. If you need a quotation for a Colorado SR22 call 1-800-774-0520 or fill out our simple form.