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Encompass Health Services Provides Counseling and Education

DUI and Substance Abuse Education Provided by Encompass

Encompass Behavioral Health Services is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to provide behavioral health services to residents of Northern Arizona. Encompass has an incredible staff of therapists who are educated at the Master’s level or are board certified. Their therapists are diversely trained to provide a full range of therapies designed to restore and optimize behavioral health functioning. These therapies include:
  • Depression/Stress Counseling
  • Marriage/Relationship Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Domestic Violence/Anger Management Counseling
  • Parenting Issues
  • DUI & Substance Abuse Education
  • Crisis Services
  • Child & Family Teams
  • Adult & Family Teams
  • Psychiatric Medication Services
HOW TO GET STARTED? Call or come into the office to schedule an intake appointment. This appointment takes approximately 1 hour. During this appointment, Encompass staff will enroll you for services and determine what, if any, fees will be charged. Some client services are covered by AHCCCS, others by health insurance. Their fees are established based upon family income and size. After the intake, an assessment appointment is scheduled with a counselor to review problems and strengths and to develop a short-term service plan. This appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. — Have you had a DUI or other driving offense that required SR22 and/or are you getting car insurance for the first time? Serenity Insurance can help – we offer car insurance in 47 states for both preferred and high risk drivers. Call us toll free today at 1-800-774-0520 or use our car insurance quote form.

Occupational Health Services (OHS)

Occupational Health Services


Occupational Health Services (OHS) has provided alcohol and drug counseling services in the State of California to DUI offenders for over 30 years. OHS has offices located in the Bay Area, Central Valley and San Diego County, which offer a variety of services to ensure relevant programs and services are available for the community.   OHS, a division of MHN, is committed to providing the highest quality of counseling and educational services to those who have been convicted of violating DUI laws. OHS collaborates with the criminal justice system and is licensed by the California State Department of Alcohol and Drugs. OHS’s experience and innovation have placed us at the forefront of DUI programs. We serve participants from diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds and offer services in English and Spanish. OHS has developed its own educational curriculum, exceeding the state requirements, using pre- and post-tests and surveys for the development of effective educational tools. Our well-trained staff evaluates and provides referral services for alcohol or drug-dependent participants. All counselors are registered or certified by the state, and are well-versed in the California Code of Regulations, Title 9, which governs all California DUI programs.

OHS is a board member of CADDTP, the California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs. We work closely with the criminal justice system, including judges, adult probation, state parole, the State DUI Advisory Board and other referring agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles. We maintain an extensive list of referral resources and collaborate with other organizations to facilitate a positive outcome for our program participants.

Every participant must provide either a current court referral, an admin per se letter from the arresting agency or a current H-6 (life history) DMV printout. Upon receipt of a court referral, the referral is tracked in a computerized database to ensure accurate enrollment or failure to enroll.


In order to fulfill the court and/or DMV requirements, participants must complete all of the requirements of their referred program.

OHS’s Licensed DUI Programs include:

  • 12-Hour Education Only
  • 3, 6, and 9-month First Offender
  • 12-month First or Multiple Offender (prior to 1990)
  • 18-month Multiple Offender
  • 30-month Multiple Offender – Stanislaus County Only


OHS also offers:

  • Anger Management Programs
  • Survival To Adulthood Referral Program (STAR) (San Diego)
  • Chemical Dependency Intensive Out Patient (Modesto, Oakland)
  • Drug Diversion Tier II PC1000 (Modesto)
  • Comprehensive Alcohol & Drug Assessments




Contact an OHS office near you:

Santa Clara County

625 Ellis St. Suite 100

Mountain View, CA 94043


Contra Costa County

1070 Concord Ave.

Suite 222

Concord, CA 94520



11299 San Pablo Ave, Suite W

El Cerrito, CA 94530

(510) 620-1034

Alameda County

344 Pendleton Way

Oakland, CA 94621


San Diego County

1637 Capalina Rd.

San Marcos, CA 92069


San Mateo County

1941 O’Farrell Suite 114

San Mateo, CA 94403


Stanislaus County

2260 Floyd Ave. Suite 100

Modesto, CA 95355


  Occupational Health Services website.    

Serenity Group Partnership with GMAC Insurance

Serenity Group Partnership with GMAC Insurance

Serenity Group is excited to announce our recent partnership with GMAC Insurance. GMAC is the country’s only insurance company that came from within the automotive industry, so they truly understand how important your auto is to you. Representing over 10,000 independent agents, GMAC Insurance Group is one of the largest property and casualty insurance groups in the United States offering exceptional coverage and service since 1939. A highlight of some of the benefits they offer: – Guaranteed use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in collision repairs – Guaranteed repairs on all collision repairs made at any of the Gold Medal Repair Shops. – Discounts if you have a GMAC mortgage, GMAC auto financing, a GMAC or an active OnStar subscription. If you live in Washington, California, Colorado, Arizona, Florida or Texas, call us at 800-774-0520 for a no obligation quote. Low Cost Auto Insurance

Alert Driving Inc. – ADI

Alert Driving Inc. – ADI

For 30 years Alert Driving, Inc. (ADI) has provided DUI program services to assist in restoration of your driving privilege following an arrest for Driving Under the Influence. ADI has provided services to over 30,000 individuals since selection as the initial pilot program in Santa Clara County. Years of experience with the DMV and the court system have gained them a reputation for outstanding client service and respect as a leader in the development of modern day DUI programs in California. Staff members at ADI are in the forefront of all DMV changes and system information. They share their knowledge with clients to assist them to regain a valid California driver’s license upon completion of the program if they otherwise satisfy DMV requirements. As a state licensed DUI provider ADI follows all the requirements by law for enrollment, services and program completion in addition to reporting to probation, the court system and the DMV. All counselors at ADI are state certified as required and are members of either the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors or the California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs. The staff remains current in the newest trends in addiction studies with yearly continuing education. More than half of the counselors also have graduate degrees in psychology, social work, public health or counseling. The nuts and bolts of the DUI program has a county-wide reputation for excellence, however if you choose to attend ADI it is the staff that will leave a lasting, positive imprint on your life. Services Offered Drug and Alcohol Assessments 6-Week Wet Reckless Program 3-Month First Offender Program 9-Month Enhanced First Offender Program 18-Month Multiple Offender Program DUI’s not yet sentenced Out of county DUI’s Out of state DUI’s CONTACT INFO: Alert Driving, Inc 1900 Camden Ave Suite 205 San Jose, CA 95124 Tel: (408) 879-7581 Email Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm Friday: 9 am – 4:30 pm Tel: (408) 879-7581

Emmanuel Counseling & Educational Services

Emmanuel Counseling & Educational Services

Emmanuel Counseling & Educational Services is a Christ-Centered Faith Based Substance Abuse Treatment Agency Approved by the State of Washington Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Philosophy Statement Extending EMPATHY for peoples social and healthcare issues. We view each person with COMPASSION as we would be treated. With Integrity we HONOR all people seeking assistance for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Being HONEST in the fees we charge for the quality and low cost services we render. Promoting DIGNITY to each person that challenges the dare to think and act responsible. Being SENSITIVE towards each person’s culture and character traits that we may assist each person to their desire to change. Let us also be MINDFUL that each person is a creation of GOD with strengths, choices, and the will to overcome. We will encourage personal GROWTH in each person lifestyle and relationships. Through EDUCATION and DISCIPLESHIP each person will gain insight to seek GOD first for a continued recovery. Emmanuel through FAITH, HOPE and COMPASSION will provide a safe and sound environment to those who walk through its doors. Services Offered
  • DUI Assessment
  • Alcohol/Drug Information School
  • Alcohol/Drug Pretreatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Case Management
  • Family Counseling/Therapeutic Activities
  • Employee Alcohol/Drug Monitoring
Treatment Spectrum ECES utilizes the Multiple Intelligences and Integration educational modality geared towards relationships with clients and their receptivity to treatment. We do this in a number of ways:
  • Treatment Group Sessions
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Individual Sessions
  • Religious Activities
  • Sober Support Group Activities
  • Client Therapeutic Activities
  • Family Interaction Activities
  • Cultural Events
  • Physical Fitness Activities
  • Drug and Alcohol Retreats
Contact Information: Emmanuel Counseling & Educational Services 12508 Lake City Way NE, Suite 220 Seattle, Washington 98125 Phone: 206-417-2222 Fax: 206-417-2233

Insurance Costs – Cargo/Passenger Vans

Insurance Costs – Cargo/Passenger Vans Collision Insurance Losses Model Years 2005 – 2007 Passenger Motor Vehicles Explanation of these Insurance Costs Charts. Make Model Relative Average Loss Payment Per Insured Vehicle Year All Cargo/Passenger Vans 62 Ford E-150 Econoline Wagon 46 Ford E-350 Econoline Wagon 48 Ford E-250 Econoline 57 Ford E-150 Econoline 58 Ford E-350 Econoline 62 GMC Savana 2500 cargo series 62 Chevrolet Express 1500 cargo series 63 Chevrolet Express 2500 cargo series 63 GMC Savana 3500 cargo series 63 Chevrolet Express 3500 series 66 GMC Savana 1500 cargo 80 Chevrolet Express 3500 cargo series 85 GMC Savana cargo 1500 series 4WD 86 Chevrolet Express 1500 cargo series 4WD 88 Note: Every model represents over 1,000 insured vehicle years and at least 100 claims. The experience for previous or discontinued models from 2005 – 2007 is included in the class averages.

Treatment Programs – The Alert Program – Coachella Valley

The Alert Program – Coachella Valley

DUI Education Programs – Serving the Coachella Valley PROGRAMS OFFERED: Wet Reckless/12-hr Education: Consists of: Enrollment + (6) six weeks of 2-hr wkly sessions First Offender DUI/4-month Program: Consists of: Enrollment + (15) fifteen weeks of 2-hr wkly sessions First Offender DUI/6-month Program: Consists of: Enrollment + 35 weeks of 2-hr wkly sessions First Offender DUI/9-month Program: Consists of: (9) nine months includes enrollment, monthly individual sessions, and 2-hr wkly sessions CONTACT INFO: The Alert Program – Coachella Valley 730 Eugene Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264 Phone: 760.322.7725 Fax: 760.322.6463 Email Director: Ms. Jacque Stewart DUI Insurance is available directly from Serenity Insurance Group’s quick quote DUI Quotes form on their website, from serenity’s fast and friendly agents by live chat with an agent online, by a one click request for an agent to call you or by calling them directly at 1-800-774-0520.

Treatment Centers – El Concilio – San Joaquin And Stanislaus County

El Concilio 

El Concilio was established in 1968 to create self-sufficiency through counseling, referrals, education, and in the belief that persons empowered to help themselves will become significant assets to the community at large. El Concilio offers services to infants, youth, adults, families and seniors. These services are open to any person seeking assistance. MISSION: Improving the quality of life of Latinos and other communities in the Central Valley of California. PROGRAMS OFFERED: CalWORKs The Concilio’s CalWORKs Case Management Program, funded and articulated by Human Services Agency, continues to provide case management, incentives and motivation for Welfare to Work recipients throughout San Joaquin County. CHILD DEVELOPMENT El Concilio operates two child development centers serving low-to-moderate income families within San Joaquin County. ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT El Concilio offers English Language Development (ELD) for those members of our community that wish to learn English. FAMILY SERVICES FIRST OFFENDERS DUI PROGRAM (WET/RECKLESS) FIRST STEP RESOURCE RESPONSE HEALTH ACCESS AND ITS COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS HEALTH CARE EDUCATION ADVOCACY SERVICES HEALTHY FAMILIES IMMIGRATION SERVICES LATINO MENTAL HEALTH BEHAVIORAL WELLNESS PROGRAM LATINO MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES LA VOZ NEWSPAPER Concilio began distribution of its new weekly newspaper on March 14, 2002. La Voz San Joaquin County’s only weekly Spanish language newspaper, covering local news, as well as national and international issues. For the large immigrant and migrant farm work population, La Voz is their primary source of educational information on important issues concerning the availability of health care for themselves and their families, as well as specific information on diseases affecting the Hispanic community. LEGAL SERVICES FOR SENIORS MATERNAL ADVOCACY PROGRAM Maternal Advocates assist nurses and doctors in communicating with their Spanish-speaking clients that are giving birth at San Joaquin General Hospital. MULTIPLE OFFENDER PROGRAM NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LA RAZA CARDIOVASCULAR PREVENTION INFORMATION El Concilio received a grant from the National Council of La Raza to provide education to the community regarding the risks of cardiovascular disease and its propensity in the Hispanic population. PARENTS AS TEACHERS (PAT) MENTAL HEALTH INFO: Mental Health in the Latino community is extremely important and yet it isn’t often discussed. El Concilio provides valuable information and services to help keep you and your family healthy. CHILDREN Suspicion of possible learning and motivation difficulties in school. Hyperactivity and lack of concentration in activities. Crisis or family problems A sudden unexplainable change in behavior ADOLESCENTS Low self-esteem Disrespectful towards others Poor communication skills Need for self discovery Family or friend problems ADULTS Difficulties that interfere with daily activities such as: Extreme sadness, depression, anxiety, lack of interest, and health problems. Low self-esteem Lack of communication skills Loneliness General insecurity Marriage and family difficulties Aging parent or self Adjustment to physical handicap or special need CONTACT INFO: El Concilio Main Office 308 N. California Street Stockton, CA 95202 (209) 547-2855 (209) 547-2870 Fax Lorraine Office 2701 E. Hammer Lane, #102 Stockton, CA 95210 (209) 955-5720 (209) 955-5715 Fax Lodi Office 498 E. Kettleman Lane Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 366-7950 (209) 366-7960 Fax Manteca Office 903 W. Center St., Ste. 1 & 2 Manteca, CA 95337 (209) 239-7389 (209) 239-0591 Fax Modesto Office 1314 “H” Street Stockton, CA (209) 523-2860 (209) 523-2873 Fax Tracy Office 42 W. 8th Street Tracy, CA 95376 (209) 830-2150 (209) 830-2160 Fax Latino Mental Health 1755 W. Hammer Lane Stockton, CA 95215 (209) 952-1403 Salud Primero Healthy Families 308 N. California Street Stockton, CA 95202 (209) 468-9649 (209) 468-9683 Fax Child Development Center 1606 Hammertown Drive Stockton, CA 95210 (209) 957-9435 Child Development Center 20943 N. Oak St. Acampo, CA 95220 (209) 368-9351 Child Development Center Farmington Stockton, CA 95215 — Get quick Cheap Auto Insurance from the quick and easy Auto Insurance Quotes form on the Serenity Insurance Group website, from Serenity’s fast and friendly agents by live chat with an agent online, by a one click request for an agent to call you or by calling them directly at 1-800-774-0520.

Alcohol Drug Council – High Gain Project

Alcohol Drug Council – High Gain Project

The Alcohol Drug Council & the High Gain Project has been providing treatment services to alcoholics, addicts, family members, and to our community since 1974. The Council is one of the oldest non-profit , independent agencies in the county dealing with prevention of addiction and associated negative behaviors. Designed as a multiple-functional, community based treatment center allowing for a variety of services. The Alcohol Drug Council-High Gain Project, is partially funded by Los Angeles County Alcohol & Drug Program Administration, offers a multitude of services, including our Community Based Alcohol Drug Outreach Project, “JumpStarts”. PROGRAMS OFFERED: ADOPTS-ALCOHOL/DRUG OUTPATIENT PROGRAM TREATMENT SERVICES ADOPTS is a drug-free outpatient treatment program. Our ADOPTS Program focus is to treat the symptoms of the progressive aspects of addictive diseases. ADOPTS is designed by utilization of Alcohol/Drug Education, Group Counseling, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Motivational Counseling techniques to assist our client to fully recovery from the disease of addiction. Participation is voluntary and family participation is encouraged. ADOPTS provides: Individualized Attention & Treatment Planning Include: Family History Emotional/Behavioral Evaluation Individualized treatment planning focuses on chemical abstinence, physical and emotional health, family relationships, social and peer group, work and financial. Education Focuses on Five Key Areas: Disease Concept Psychological/Emotional Aspects Family Disease and Co-dependency AA and other 12 Step Programs Social/Recreational Rehabilitation Group Dynamics/Workshops: Behavior Change Express Feelings Building a Support Network Continuing Recovery Discussions After Care Support DRINKING DRIVER TREATMENT PROGRAM PROGRAM GOALS: One of ten adult Californians and one out of six adolescents is psychologically dependent on, or physically addicted to, one or more mood altering substances. Driving an automobile under-the-influence is probably the single most salient indicator of the magnitude of this problem. Drinking (and using) drivers endanger themselves and others in ways that are visible to all and catastrophic in their consequences. It is clear that any agency or program dealing with DUI client population has a dual agenda with regard to client outcomes. Firstly, all clients, whatever their prognosis as to alcohol/drug dependency, must become both cognitively and emotionally aware that responsible use of alcohol and other drugs absolutely rules out driving a car while under the influence. They must leave the program convinced that there are no exceptions to this rule, no special circumstances, and no safe level of intoxication. Secondly, all clients are guided through an examination of their own reasons for using alcohol and other drugs. Insofar as is humanly possible, clients should arrive at an informed decision about their own actual or possible dependency on psychoactive chemicals, especially alcohol. This direct method works as a sound clinical procedure and is validated by the ADC High Gain Project experience since 1974. And, we believe, allows clients to assume responsibility. DUI TREATMENT PROGRAMS AVAILABLE Wreckless – 12 hours Alcohol Drug Education First Offender – 3-6-9 month Second Offender – 12 or 18 month Multiple Offender – 30 month Customized treatment program available (Out state DWI/DUI provider) WORKSHOPS OFFERED: Our weekly 1.5 hour workshops are offered to help participants identify, understand and conquer the obstacles of recovery. Workshops are designed to teach skills for sobriety through education, self-discovery and utilization of problem solving tools. Participation is voluntary and confidential. “Life Skills & Recovery Workshop” Our recovery discussion focus: Relapse Prevention Nature of Addictive Diseases Co-Dependency Application of 12 Step Process Communication Skills Continuing Recovery Plans “Anger Management Workshop” This workshop was developed from a current Domestic Violence prevention program. Our program has been enhanced by incorporating a chemical dependency recovery emphasis as we have discovered that the two are many times closely related. The program emphasizes Time Outs, Communication Skills, Stress Reduction, Appropriate Reaction, Cultural and Family Anger/Violence History, High Risk Anger Situations and Development of Alternative Behavioral Responses. CONTACT INFO: Alcohol Drug Council – High Gain Project 1424 4th St. Suite 205 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone (310) 451-5881 Fax 310-576-0945 Office Hours Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm Friday 9am – 5pm Cheap Car Insurance for recovering DUI drivers is available directly from Serenity Insurance Group’s quick and easy Car Insurance Quote form, from Serenity’s fast and friendly agents by live chat with an agent online, by a one click request for an agent to call you or by calling them directly at 1-800-774-0520.

Treatment Centers – Academy of Defensive Driving

Academy of Defensive Driving

The Academy of Defensive Driving has been providing state of the art education and counseling services to drinking drivers in Orange County, California since 1974. SERVICES OFFERED – DRUG AND COUNSELING: Drug Testing and Monitoring On Site Urinalysis Immediate results for those requiring answers without waiting for lab analysis. SERVICES OFFERED – DRINKING DRIVING PROGRAMS: AODD offers First and Multiple Offender Programs. Services are available for out of state offenders also. Clients wishing to enroll in a program prior to court sentencing may enroll directly. Services are also provided to those needing to satisfy DMV requirements. Multiple Offender Program This is an 18-month program for multiple offenders. The program uses group and individual counseling, Education Sessions, and attendance at community based self-help meetings. First Offender Program This is a three-month program designed for first time DUI offenders. A combination of Education and group counseling are utilized. AB541 Level II Programs These programs are six or nine months in duration and are designed for first offenders needing a more intensive experience. Alcohol Education, Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, and attendance at self-help meetings are the major components of the programs. Volunteer, DMV and Out of State Programs Many individuals need to complete a licensed program in order to obtain a valid driver’s license. SERVICES OFFERED – SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAMS: PC10 and PC1000 Programs AODD is a certified provider of services for clients requiring a PC10 or PC1000 Program. Components include Education, Group Counseling, & self help attendance. Additional program requirements are determined as part of the treatment planning session. The primary focus is the development of a drug free lifestyle. Substance Abuse and Education Programs Court and County Certified 10 hr. programs for early intervention and education. PC1210 / PROP 36 AODD is a contract provider outpatient clinic for Orange County HealthCare Agency (HCA). HCA assesses and refers male and female adult drug offenders, who have been court ordered to attend PC1210/Prop 36 outpatient drug treatment. AODD Prop36 treatment protocol includes individual & group counseling sessions; random drug testing; drug education; treatment plan development; aftercare follow-up and relapse prevention planning. SERVICES OFFERED – TRAFFIC VIOLATOR SCHOOL: Academy of Defensive Driving’s California 8 Hour Traffic School AODD’s Level 1 Traffic School contains the most current information on defensive driving and implications of alcohol, drugs or the combination of both. Our program satisfies the 8-hour traffic school requirement for the driver cited for minor traffic violations. AODD is a DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS License #1648) CONTACT INFO: Academy of Defensive Driving San Juan Capistrano Office 31726 Rancho Viejo Rd. Suite 120 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 (949) 240-0115 Phone (949) 443-5018 Fax Newport Beach Office 2000 Quail, Suite 120 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 752-0710 Phone (949) 752-0705 Fax Car Insurance for DUI drivers and high risk drivers.

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