CADDTP – California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs The California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs, also commonly referred to as “CADDTP”, is a non-profit, mutual benefit organization, which was originally formed as an association in 1986 and then incorporated in 1988.  CADDTP is self-supported through membership dues, association activities, and contributions. CADDTP’s policies are established by a volunteer board of directors, which is elected from among those individuals who are the designated representatives of organizational members. There are several categories of active membership in CADDTP: (1) organizational membership is limited to state-licensed driving-under-the-influence, or “DUI”, programs; (2) individual membership is open to most individuals; and (3) associate membership is designated for those other organizations who wish to participate in and support the Association. CADDTP is a pro-active organization which seeks to promote understanding of, improve, and sometimes preserve, the role of the state-licensed driving-under-the-influence (education and counseling) programs in California’s approach to alcohol and other drug impaired driving. CADDTP also seeks to evaluate and enhance the services offered by its members and others in providing DUI programs throughout the state. CADDTP’s organizational membership currently includes a majority of the several hundred DUI programs licensed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. Almost 200 persons, most of who are employed in DUI programs as counselors, instructors, and/or administrators, comprise CADDTP’s individual membership. CADDTP holds semi-annual educational forums, open to both members and non-members. These forums include issues that address both the internal and external concerns of DUI program operators and staff members. CADDTP places heavy emphasis on regular communications with its membership about the Association’s activities and developments in the DUI field. Such communication is primarily accomplished through periodic newsletters, regular reports on legislation, other “special” reports, and bulletins. Meetings of the CADDTP’s board of directors and members are held at least twice a year preceding the educational forums. There is a growing body of evidence that California’s system of license sanctions AND DUI education/counseling programs are the most effective ways to reduce subsequent DUI incidents among those who have been convicted of DUI. (Source: California Department of Motor Vehicles’ 1995 through 2005 Annual Reports of the California DUI Management Information System) California’s DUI program network is arguably the most inclusive, structured, and complex one in the United States: (1) all the programs in that network must be licensed by the state and monitored by their respective counties, (2) they must conform to statewide education, counseling, and other requirements, and (3) with minor and controlled exceptions for rural areas, all of the programs in the network must be self-supporting through fees paid by participants. Yet, by law no one who is unable to pay can be denied services. For two decades, the California DUI program network has been providing services to well over 120 thousand impaired drivers per year at no cost to taxpayers. Even though the total number of DUI-related fatalities has risen slightly in the past several years, they are still markedly lower that they were before California’s DUI program system was established.  DUI-related arrests have also dramatically lowered during this time, and recidivism continues to decline.   CADDTP believes that future studies and evaluations will show that the DUI programs are not only an important component in preventing recidivism, but that they are also a wide-reaching and effective means of moving alcohol and other drug dependent individuals toward long-term recovery. CADDTP will continue to work to improve and promote understanding of those programs. contact Information: Executive Director Mike Wood JD CADDTP 1731 Howe Ave., PMB #352 Sacramento, CA 95825 Phone: (800) 464-3597 Fax: (800) 585-5411 Website: California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs